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Travel solutions where people come first


The CT Connections team helps deliver cost-effective and safe corporate travel.

As the global economy continues to boom, travel has become an integral part of business dealings.

More data, better traveller insights and quicker internet services means there’s almost universal access to international communication and overseas partnerships.

Growth in business travel has been forecast to reach unprecedented heights. Increasingly, businesses are turning to serious solutions to secure the best travel deals, lower the cost of expenses and gain real insight into traveller patterns and behaviours.

That’s where the experts step in. CT Connections caters for a multitude of industries, from finance, IT, healthcare and retail to sport and mining.

Companies that spend anywhere between $500,000 to $15 million on travel a year can benefit from what CT Connections has to offer, says founder Gary Reichenberg.

‘‘Because of our size and scale, we are big enough to cater for your needs but we’re small enough to care,’’ he says.

At the forefront of CT Connections are people with expertise, backed by innovative and technological solutions. ‘‘Fundamentally you want to do business with people you feel comfortable doing business with,’’ Gary says.

Ensuring a boutique feel while harnessing the ability to cater for largescale operations, CT Connections, founded in 2010, collectively draws on more than 18 years’ experience.

Employing 140 people across seven offices in Australia, and with plans to expand to New Zealand, the company has managed to grow effectively while staying true to its core business: customer-centric service. Offering a range of online platforms that allow easy access from mobile, tablet and desktop devices, all travel needs are centralised in one easy-touse hub.

As technology continues to disrupt industries, many businesses are implementing automation to drive costeffective solutions alongside easy access to expert assistance.

‘‘Increasingly we are finding people want to bring back a level of human interaction. They are sick and tired of having technology forced down their throat,’’ Gary says. Taking into account buying behaviours and trading patterns, CT Connections maps out when travel spending will be needed, securing the best deals year-round.

Whether it’s the fashion industry looking to minimise airfares at certain times of the year or a business seeking the best deal on hotel stays, utilising someone experienced in this trade means serious dollars can be saved. Then there is the duty of care and legal responsibilities that come with having employees roaming the world. For example, if a natural disaster has been forecast in a part of the world where employees are travelling, it can throw up logistical nightmares.

CT Connections works with relevant authorities, such as the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and its Smart Traveller service, to provide safe evacuation where necessary – whether it’s an early exit from a country or an extended hotel stay elsewhere until the storm blows over.

In the chaos of unexpected events, knowing that employees are tracked and looked after by a third party is priceless.

‘We are finding people want to bring back a level of human interaction.’

Gary Reichenberg

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