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Corporate gifting experts boost growth


Style Bundle provides tailored solutions for businesses to drive customer growth and incentivise employees.

Corporate gifting has become a key component in helping Australian businesses drive growth, engagement and internal recognition.

In a post COVID-19 world, it’s no secret that businesses are facing some tough economic challenges. As a result many have begun looking for different ways to retain customers and employees. One solution is the rise in corporate gifting to help drive growth through referrals, brand loyalty, attracting new customers and creating industry buzz.

Melbourne-based corporate gifting expert Style Bundle is dominating the industry with its unique and tailored solutions for businesses across the country.

Since launching in 2016 it has fast become a leader in helping companies drive growth and business outcomes by taking a different approach to corporate gifting.

Susan Beardsley, co-founder and head of people and growth and Suzy Leys, cofounder and head of customer experience and creative, realised there was a gap in the market for corporate gifting solutions that had an impact and were personalised without compromising on style.

As female founders with over 30 years combined experience in human resources, corporate advertising, marketing and business strategy, they had a clear vision and breadth of knowledge to bolster their entry into the market.

In the turbulent current climate, the Style Bundle founders have noticed a rise in corporate clients with a clear objective to drive employee satisfaction.

Over the past year the term “quiet quitting” has entered the vernacular, describing a growing trend of employees stepping back from their work obligations and having quite a costly knock-on effect.

“A recent Gallup Survey references globally that 59 per cent of employees are ‘quietly quitting’, costing the global economy $US8.8 trillion – in Australia the figure is high at 67 per cent,” Beardsley says. “Because their engagement needs are not being fully met, they’re putting time but not energy or passion into their work. Forty-one per cent of these people say that what would make it better would be to get recognised for their contributions – which is exactly what we do through gifting at Style Bundle.”

Over the past seven years Style Bundle has experienced exponential growth thanks to its growing number of corporate clients who use its services for client and employee gifting. Its footprint now covers clients Australia-wide across varied sectors including finance, professional services, pharmaceuticals, retail, marketing, events and automotive brands.

The Style Bundle co-founders say they are seeing more and more businesses enlisting their help in order to drive customer growth and incentivise employees.

“Ultimately our clients come to us because they want to create more genuine and memorable connections with their clients and people,” Leys says.

“We help by curating gifts and experiences that resonate with their customers and staff and the sentiment of the occasion, and provide real business outcomes in the form of positive referral, business growth, employee engagement and leaving a lasting impression.”

At a time when customer and employee retention has never been more important, it makes sense that corporations are looking at ways to give back in order to double down on brand loyalty. Essential to the success of these corporate gifting solutions is the Style Bundle team’s ability to truly understand their clients’ objectives and provide a holistic service.

“We do our best work when we have the opportunity to understand the business, their clients and their customer journey and tailor a gifting solution end to end,” Leys says. “We love to make it easy and stressfree for the client and, where we can, quantify the results – conversion, retention, referral, loyalty.”

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