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Popular way to restore sight is worth a look


Laser vision correction specialist Dr Joanne Goh examines a patient.

Laser vision correction surgery sees people saying goodbye to the hassle and cost of wearing glasses or contact lenses.

Whether you are playing sport or going on holidays, wearing glasses or contact lenses can be a nuisance.

There are containers to remember to bring, lenses to insert or glasses to clean. It’s inconvenient, especially if you’re sporty.

There’s also the ongoing cost of buying new glasses or contact lenses, which adds up over a lifetime.

An alternative to glasses and lenses is to undergo laser vision correction. It can restore eyesight to people who are short- and long sighted or have astigmatism.

“For contact lens wearers it can be a hassle having to clean them, there’s the risk of infection and they have to remember to bring their lenses with them when they go on holidays,’’ says Dr Joanne Goh, who specialises in laser vision correction with Melbourne Comprehensive Eye Surgeons.

‘‘A lot of people who wear glasses also find it a nuisance when playing sports.

“We offer safe and effective vision correction that is affordable to everyone,” Dr Goh says.

Melbourne Comprehensive Eye Surgeons’ purpose-built facilities are in Bellfield and provide comprehensive eye care including laser vision correction, cataract, corneal, glaucoma and oculoplastic surgery.

Highly trained surgeons use quality equipment and the latest technology to undertake patient care, Dr Goh says.

An award-winning practice, Bellfield was named the best medical fit-out in Australia last year by the Australian Shop and Office Fitting Industry Association.

The custom-designed eye clinic was built with a focus on streamlining the customer experience. “This clinic has been designed and fitted out with the intention of giving patients a comfortable and welcoming place to receive high quality, modern eye care,” says Dr Goh.

An Australian-trained ophthalmologist, Dr Goh has undertaken further subspecialty training in corneal, cataract and laser eye surgery at the world-renowned Moorfields Eye Hospital in London.

She says to be suitable for laser vision correction surgery, patients must be over 21 and not have had any major change in their spectacle prescription for at least a year. Patients need to bring their current glasses and a record of their prescription from a year ago to their consultation.

Laser vision correction surgery may not be suitable for everyone, she says. If you are not eligible for laser surgery there are options such as implantable contact lenses.

“Patients over the age of 50 may be more suited to lens replacement surgery or cataract surgery rather than laser vision correction. Patients that receive multifocal lenses can also be glasses-free after the procedure,” Dr Goh says.

Melbourne Comprehensive Eye Surgeons believe that everyone should be able to access high quality care at an affordable price. Laser correction surgery can cost from $2500 an eye, with some clinics charging more than $3000 an eye. The Bellfield clinic has a laser vision correction promotion for less than $2000 an eye. They can also bulk bill the consultation fee.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risk. Before proceeding, you should seek an opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

“We offer safe and effective vision correction that is affordable to everyone.”

- Dr Joanne Goh

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