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Stylish, refined beauty regardless of size


The Vivienna Lorikeet range includes the gloriosa gown.

Using body sculpting, this brand helps women of all sizes rediscover their beauty.

Looking and feeling your best in what you wear is important for confidence and selfexpression. However, we all know how difficult it can be to find the perfect outfit.

Vivienna Lorikeet faced this exact problem in 2005, when she couldn’t find the ‘right’ dress anywhere. So, she decided to make her own, and from that moment the Vivienna Lorikeet brand was born.

“I quickly realised I wasn’t the only woman in Melbourne having this problem,” says Lorikeet. “Women would come into the store and tell us stories about how difficult it was to find clothes that are flattering and suit their body type.

‘‘Some were so jaded by unrealistic beauty and fashion standards that they wouldn’t believe us when we told them our designs would make them look stylish and elegant.”

Determined to be a size-inclusive brand, the Vivienna Lorikeet range has been expanded from its original size 6-14 offering to include a curvy-sized collection, Luscious Beauty, for sizes 16 to 30.

Vivienna Lorikeet collections feature couture looks, custom made-to-measure pieces and ready-to-wear pieces.

“Our brand’s core beliefs are that size does not matter, and proportions are everything,’’ says Lorikeet.

‘‘Consistently, our clothing is designed to redefine and enhance the natural beauty we have all been given. We use colours, design features and fabric to play a visual game that works with body proportions and makes customers look and feel their best.” In her early days of dress-making, Lorikeet learned that colours are vital, as they can be used to make shapes and create illusions.

“Colours have the power to lift peoples’ moods and make them feel happy,” she says.

From their boutique base in the Melbourne suburb of Armadale, the Vivienna Lorikeet’s team of seamstresses cut the artisan designs from high-end luxury fabrics, sourced both locally and from across the globe, such as Bella Tela fabrics used by fashion houses Chanel, Givenchy and Elie Saab.

Knowing full well that online shopping does not always provide an adequate representation of the clothing, Vivienna Lorikeet offers a garment sampling service.

“We don’t want our customers to feel disappointed with their clothes,” says Lorikeet. ‘‘If a customer is interested in purchasing online, but unsure of the garment’s quality, a sample can be delivered to their home for a small service fee.

‘‘The sample might not be the customer’s desired size since it’s not a rental service. The purpose of this is for them to assess the design, colour and construction in person, so that a more informed decision can be made before purchasing.’’

To Lorikeet and her team of pattern makers, designers and seamstresses, this is not just about selling clothes – it’s about creating positive experiences with clothing for women of all shapes and sizes.

“We want to educate people about proportions and how specific colours and fabrics can be used to make them look and feel beautiful,” says Lorikeet. “It’s not about what is on the outside, it’s about how we feel on the inside.

‘‘I always strive to make my customers realise this, and just because you’re not a size zero doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful. Wear whatever you want and do it with pride.”

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